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Besides planning trips, Burdell also writes this weekly column which tells about sports happenings now and 100, 75, 50 and 25 years ago, sometimes a trip down memory lane that some of you may relate to, what the Ancient Sportsman (Burdell) and Ancient-ess (Charlotte) have been up to and about trips they have been on. Each week is a new adventure.
Tales of the 
Ancient Sportsman
    Shazam! We got nailed again. 11.5 inches of snow in Oskaloosa and most of it appeared to be in my driveway. Both cars were nearly buried and we were going nowhere. I did shovel a narrow path to the mailbox and that was as much as I could take. I can now only dream of the days when after a big snow, I would throw the snowblower in the back of Red Ranger and take off. It was always the bank properties first and then I had about a dozen other customers waiting. Oh, to be able to do that again, but those days are gone.
    Once the snow was removed, it was out to the ice shack for a little ice fishing. Now I have problems standing up on dry ground. I am not even going to try standing on ice. You see, I used to love winter. Now, not so much.
    Obviously, the huge amount of snow caused us to call off the country church for today. This makes the third week in a row that we have not gone. The record was 13 consecutive weeks four years ago. The hilly country roads are a challenge for the elderly and for most anyone else. Also the door of the Pleasant Corners church is probably 20 feet from the road and the snow plow always puts a load right in front of the door.
I said at the end of December that we would most likely pay for the beautiful month of December and the debt came due. But I am so grateful for a pair of good neighbors who dug us out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    I did get three nights of high school basketball coverage in and I love that. Monday night I made a trip to Monroe to take in the PCM-Pella game. It was boys only so I only had to work half as hard. The two teams have been good rivals for some time and the games were always competitive, but this year Pella has just too many weapons and won 82 – 49.
    Tuesday night I was back to Pella and this time the Dutch hosted the Tigers from Grinnell. Each school won a blowout game. The Grinnell girls are very good and they rolled to a 79 – 48 win. In the boy’s game, it was all Pella as the Dutch romped to a 92 – 45 win.
With the impending storm, most Friday games in the area were moved up to Thursday where possible. I was sent back to Pella for the Pella-Pella Christian games. That is always the biggest show of the year in Pella and with both teams in the Little Hawkeye Conference, they get to do it twice. And it is a fun event with the gym packed to the rafters and the crowd very much into it.
The girl’s game was all Pella in a 54 – 28 win. PC is so short of numbers and experience and they just couldn’t keep up with the Lady Dutch. The boy’s game was a friendly war between long time rivals. Both teams had big runs and great moments, but it was Pella that put together the final run that produced a 59 -52 win. This game was like a college game with both teams playing above the rim. Pella’s Noah Allen would be the player of the game with a 28 point effort and excellent defense.
    Wednesday, we made the trip to Cedar Falls for the funeral of our good friend Rod Kampman. Rod most recently was the Director of Riverview Bible Conference and Camp Grounds in Cedar Falls and dear servant of our Lord. Rod and Judy were in Texas at Bibleville Camp Grounds in Alamo, TX went Rod was taken home rather quickly. It was a beautiful service and a great tribute to a great man.
    Thursday, it was Ken Ward’s funeral here in Oskaloosa and Kenny was another of God’s special servants in many capacities. I always enjoyed talking with Ken and Eileen. 
Wednesday, before we left for Cedar Falls, we got a call from Janis O’Lear telling us that Pat had passed away. We told her that we would be down as soon as we returned from Cedar Falls. Pat had been bedfast for some time and I had some great visits with him. He had professed Jesus as his Savior and I always enjoyed sharing the Word with him. 
    There are not many Irishmen that are Cardinal fans, but Pat was one of them and he bled Cardinal red. In every visit we would solve all of the Cardinal problems and trade the guys that should go and fire the coaches that were not getting results. We would have some pretty intense discussions and oh, how I would like to do that once more.
   With the snow coming down, Friday was a good puzzling day and I went to work on a pretty tough 1000 piece job. I finished it Sunday morning while waiting for the Ancient-ess to get her hair put together before going to church. I have two more Christmas puzzles to finish yet, so that should take care of this week. Then I will go on a trading mission.
    Hawks win at Minnesota now it is Chiefs’ time. Have a great week.