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    Blessed Byways Tours Update 

July, 2020 Update

  It is July already, and it is time to reflect back on the things and the sacrifices that made us a free country. I am saddened by the things that are being pushed by the major news networks that threaten our freedoms. God help us as a nation to take a stand for God and right. I am also grieved by this virus that has struck down so many things that we love and enjoy, and travel is one of those things.

  It pains me to make this announcement, but Charlotte and I agree that we must. Blessed Byways Tours will suspend operations as of July 4, and we hope to resume in the spring of 2021. All 15 tours that we have scheduled for 2020 have been cancelled and I will be working on refunds in the month of July. I will resume printing in the fall.

  The big refund is for the Switzerland tour in June. Our company, Cruises and Tours Worldwide has been in a hassle with the airline and finally the agreement has been made to refund fully and start over for June 3 – 11, 2021. I’m sorry that this has taken so long, but they are still waiting to get a few deposits back. When I get my money back, then I can pass it on to you. 

  I was able to visit Nancy Hickey of Berkshire Tours this week and she was so gracious to transfer any deposits that I had made on this year’s tour to next year. She said that she might have to change the dates slightly, but that she would allow us to bring two busses. If you would like your deposit for this year to be transferred to next year, please shoot me an email indicating that. 

We will be doing a Branson tour next year, but not with the Ark and Creation Museum included. I am looking at the springtime when the dogwoods are in bloom. I do plan to do the Ark and Creation Museum sometime in the year with 99.3 FM radio in Des Moines and could include some of our folks in that tour.

  The Rose Bowl Parade will be pushed back a year and I hope we can do it. This is a beautiful event

  Charlotte’s 80th birthday tour to the Netherlands will be pushed back to the spring of 2022. We will be partnering with Merlin and Dorothy Vander Leest for this tour and we are looking to have a great number with us. 

  Smaller tours that I plan to include in next year’s schedule include; Circa 21, The Brown’s Theatre, 3 – Day Mystery tour, the Lebanon Gospel Music Get Together, Two Baseball tours and others as they come available.

  Charlotte and I mourn the loss of our travels in 2020 and anxiously await a new beginning in 2021. The things we miss the most is working with our driver, Kevin, the smiles and words of encouragement from our travelers and the wonderful times of fellowship and blessings with our people. We love you and miss you.
Burdell & Charlotte Hensley – Blessed Byways Tours