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Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude for all of the wonderful memories we have had with our dear  travelers.   We are overly blest and are drinking from our saucers because our cups have overflowed.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  We so enjoy the times that we spend with you.

However, our aging bodies have brought us to the decision to cease operations of Blessed Byways Tours as of December 31, 2023.   We love the travel business and most of all the dear people who we have been able to serve for the past 25 years!  God has owned our business and we've seen Him do amazing things over and over and over.  There have been  times when problems arose and we discover He already had the situation taken care of.  

We have been so blessed to rub shoulders with some of the most wonderful people in God's creation.

With  the rising cost of trips if you are concerned if you might have to cancel a trip you signed up we recommend that you contact your insurance agent and purchase travel insurance.  We refund what we can if we can get a refund from the companies we do business with but some attractions, tickets, etc. now have no refund policies.

Thanks for all the memories.

Ark and Creation Museum
September 18 - 21, 2023

The 18th will be a travel day.  On the 19th we arrive at the Creation Museum with 150 exhibits featuring fearsome animatronic dinosaurs, talking heroes of the faith, a fun-filled 200-seat special effects theater, a state-of-art planetarium, professional displays that honor God's Word, presentations from world-class speakers,  Eden Animal Experience, botanical gardens featuring waterfalls, bridges, and lake, and the    7  Cs - the  chronological retelling of biblical history beginning with creation and fast-forwarding to Christ's return which shows how God's Word provides big answers for our most difficult questions, whether about science, the Bible or personal relationship with God.  A new exhibit is "Borderland: Israel in the Time of Jesus" which will make you want to go home and re-read the New Testament.  That evening  we have supper at Hill Forest Mansion in Aroura, IN .  The tour of the mansion will be given by folks in Victorian costume.  On the 20th we're at the life-size Noah's Ark to explore three decks of exhibits where you'll meet Noah and his family, who lived aboard the ark and cared for all of the animals during the flood.  Discover how they could have fit so many animals onboard ,  explore real-life solutions and get answers.  Meet the exotic animals from all over the world at the Ararat Ridge Zoo and see animal programs on the Animal Actors Stage (weather permitting).  You can fill  up with a buffet at Emzara's Kitchen or at a vendor shop for sandwiches, pastries, pizza, and more. enjoy a daily concert by resident artists, TrueSong, daily presentations from dynamic Answers in Genesis speakers, rides on a indoor custom carousel (an extra ticket is required for the virtual reality experience), and zip lining.  Sept 21 will be a travel day home.  $569 per person  for a double, $749 for a single, and $509 for a triple.  $50 deposit saves your seat.  SOLD OUT  



" It’s important to get your name on the list if you are interested. Most trips sell out months ahead of each trip, so contact us below to make your reservation."
2023  Blessed Byways  Tours 

Fall Color Tour Amish Country, Ohio
 October 14 - 19, 2023

We loved,  loved, loved this beautiful area when we 've been here before.  We will be repeating a couple of the attractions because they were sooo good and then the rest of the attractions will be things we DID NOT do on the last tour.  We can't wait to have you experience them.  The 14th will be a travel day and we'll arrive on the 15th at Warthers for a light lunch and guided tour of Moone Warther's woodcarvings  of  steam engines and Mrs. Warthers button collection featuring over 70,000 buttons arranged in art work.  Lodging will be at Amish Door Inn where we'll have dinner and be entertained by a speaker.  You will be receiving a gift bag in which you will receive items through out the next few days at Troyer's Sweet Shoppe, Shrocks Heritage Farm,  Old Main Street USA with Salute to Old Glory Flag Show, attend an Amish family style wedding home meal, and learn about Amish weddings,  Hershberger Bakery & farmers Market, see Big King largest registered Belgium horse in Ohio,  can go shopping, visit Farm at Walnut Creek  and go on a horse drawn wagon ride to feed over 400 exotic animals,  visit with Amish women and have a fresh baked cookie, Walnut Creek Cheese, enjoy a stack Bowl lunch and ice cream, at  Walnut Creek Flea Market with its 100 booths under a roof and climate controlled you can participate in a  Scavenger hunt as well as shop,  then enjoy a buffet at Farmstead Restaurant before attending  the  Amish Country Theater.  $1,119 per person double, $1,319 Single, $1,049  per person for a triple.  Deposit $100 - SOLD OUT

  Christmas in Branson  - GRAND FINALES
  November 7 - 10, 2023 - (A FEW SEATS LEFT)
November 14 - 17, 2023 ( Nov. 14-17 -  SOLD OUT)
Scheduled are Todd Oliver & Irving the Talking Dog, World's Largest Toy Museum, Daniel O Donnell, Clay Cooper's Country Express, Cassandre' Voice of An Angel, Top of the Rock , Sight and Sound Theatre - Queen Esther  $779 per person for double, $899 for a single and $699 each for a triple.  Deposit $100 Deposit.

Stuff Your Stocking Mystery Trip
December 2, 2023
Each  participant will receive their own stocking in which they will receive something to remind them of the historic stops we will be making where they will be greeted, entertained and hear about Christmas by folks from the various communities.  Cost  $129 per person.  $50 Deposit  (ONLY 2 SEATS REMAIN)

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